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MechSigma Consulting offers several public, on-site and custom on-site seminars.

Public Seminars
MechSigma Consulting provides public seminars for GD&T and Mechanical Tolerancing for Six Sigma. At this time, we do not have any public seminsars scheduled.
On-site Seminars
In addition public seminars, MechSigma Consulting offers the following on-site seminars. Please contact us at 972.808.0153 or email us at pdrake@mechsigma.com for more information.
  • GD&T-2: This two-day course offers full coverage of all Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) topics. Participants will be able to correctly interpret 14 geometric controls, datum reference frames, fundamental principles and rules, terminology and GD&T symbols.

  • GD&T-3: This three-day course includes the lecture from GD&T-2 and adds 10 quizzes to measure participant learning. Participants will be able to apply 14 geometric controls, datum reference frames, fundamental principles and rules, terminology and GD&T symbols. Participants may bring drawings to discuss in lieu of the quizzes.

  • GD&T-4: This four-day course includes the material from GD&T-3 and adds team exercises. Participants gain more "real-world" experience applying GD&T in a team environment.

  • Mechanical Tolerancing for Six Sigma: This two-day course teaches participants how to solve assembly stacks using both traditional and Six Sigma methods. Participants analyze stacks using both coordinate tolerances and geometric tolerances. Participants optimize designs by making trade-offs between assembly defects and manufacturing defects.

Custom On-site Seminars
By far, the best way to learn GD&T is in an evnironment that applies it to your products. The greatest return on your training money occurs when you learn GD&T while correctly applying it to your designs/products.
  • GD&T-Product Design Workshop: In this workshop, we don't use quizzes. Instead we teach the concepts of GD&T while applying GD&T to customers' designs. In addition to gaining an understanding of GD&T, the participants apply GD&T to parts on which they are currently working.

Terms and conditions for public seminars
  • Refunds and Cancellations

    If you cancel your registration, you will be charged a $50 administrative fee. To cancel, you must call (972) 808-0153 at least seven (7) working days prior to the program start date to obtain a cancellation number. If you cancel less than seven working days prior or if you do not follow this procedure, you will be liable for the full fee.

  • Method of Payment

    Payment may be made by credit card, P.O. No., or check. All checks should be made payable to MechSigma Consulting, Inc in U.S. funds. Registration and payment must be made before the event date to guarantee admittance. If payment has not been received before the event date, you will be asked to guarantee payment against a credit card or provide a company or personal check, money order, or traveler's checks. We suggest if your payment has not been mailed to MechSigma Consulting at least 2 weeks prior to the event, that you plan to pay on-site. You may register by phone using your VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.

  • Disclaimer

    MechSigma Consulting has the right to amend these programs as necessary and reserves the right to cancel a class up to seven (7) calendar days prior to the session start date. All participants will be notified. In the event of a program cancellation, MechSigma Consulting is not responsible for costs (including travel-related expenses and reservation penalties) incurred as a result of a class being cancelled. We recommend that refundable airline tickets be purchased.

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