MechPRO™ Methodology

MechSigma Consulting’s primary goal is to insure that our clients receive a financial return by partnering with us.

  • We strive to make difficult theoretical concepts easy to use in the day-to-day, mechanical design environment.

  • To achieve these goals, we developed a standardized tolerancing methodology, MechPRO™, that takes design requirements and translates them into optimal variation (and GD&T) controls for all features in the analysis.

  • In addition to minimizing costs, MechPRO™

    • Standardizes your tolerancing process.

    • Is data driven.

    • Leads to the lowest cost design.

    • Allocates the optimal variation controls for the drawings.

    • Shows you what to put on the drawings, reducing the chance of a design change later on.

    • Selects the appropriate analysis or allocation method.

    • Shortens design cycle time.

    • Reduces design changes by minimizing errors in applying variation (GD&T) controls.

    • Is driven by the requirements of the final product.

    • Supports both the performance and manufacturing requirements of the product.

    • Is integrated into MechTOL™, our tolerance analysis software.

MechPRO™ is applicable to companies that support Six Sigma, as well as companies not engaged in Six Sigma that want to reduce the cost of their products.

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