Our Company

For corporations that want to improve their mechanical design process leading to more manufacturable products, MechSigma provides an innovative methodology, tools and training to solve dimensioning and tolerancing problems.

MechSigma teaches you to: 

  • improve manufacturability
  • ensure assemblies fit / function, and
  • reduce design changes

while helping you become self-sufficient in our proven methodology.

What Distinguishes Us?


Our qualifications are unmatched anywhere. Our instructor:

  • Is a registered professional engineer (PE) with 25+ years of mechanical design, manufacturing, and inspection experience
  • Is a section head of the GD&T standard committee (ASME Y14.5)
  • Is vice chair of the GD&T certification committee (ASME Y14.5.2) and is ASME Certified (GDTP S-0176)
  • Has a Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Has 27 years experience deploying Mechanical Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)
  • Trained 15+ thousand people in GD&T, MTSS and DFSS
  • Earned a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and a BA in Physics
  • Spent 10+ years as a corporate trainer
  • Has three tolerancing-related patents

See our qualifications.

Customized Training

Our customers learn more when they apply the course material to their individual drawings and models. This also allows them to make in-class progress on assignments specific to their jobs.

Our preference is to include your products in our training. We offer this service at no additional charge.

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What We Offer


We offer public, on-site, and customized on-site seminars in GD&T,  Mechanical Toleraning for Six Sigma (MTSS), Mechanical Tolerance Stacks, and Print Reading.

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Engineering Services

We recognize that sometimes our customers need additional “hands on” assistance. MechSigma has 35+ years of engineering experience.

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Need Help?

Drop us a line any time and we’ll respond to you as soon as possible.